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Tow bracket kit for Apache® sprayers

MSRP: $1,769.75 USD *

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Shipping Weight Shipping Dims Shipping Method Installation
125 lbs -x-x- Freight 1.5 hours
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The LANTC21381K is a tow bracket kit for most Apache® self-propelled sprayers. Our tow bracket kit will give you peace of mind when towing your sprayer. The shear bolt protected system is engineered to reduce the possibility of damage to the frame. The load matched clevises and tow sling distribute the weight evenly across tow points. Brackets are included to allow towing capabilities from the front or back. The kit has a 27,000 pound total working load limit. Always tow from the large shackle, in the center of the provided sling, connected to two tow points on the vehicle being towed.

Read the instruction manual for proper installation and use. The sprayer towing kit must be used as a complete system as intended by the manufacturer (Lankota). Improper use or failure to read and adhere to instructions may lead to equipment damage, personal injury, or death. Lankota assumes no liability for damages caused by improper use.

This kit fits on these Apache Sprayers: AS720, AS730, AS1020, AS1025, AS1030, AS1040, AS1220, AS1230 and AS1240 (including the "PLUS" and "XP" models). This kit DOES NOT FIT on any AS1210, AS710, AS1050, AS1250, AS1010, AS630, AS640 or AS650 models.

* "MSRP" is the Lankota suggested retail price. This price does NOT include any applicable shipping, taxes, installation or labor costs. All prices shown are in US dollars.

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